SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) has a trade show every year in the Las Vegas Convention Center. This trade show is for most builders the ultimate goal, the mecca of all automotive events. Builders and automotive enthusiast will spend their years working to accomplish the goal of being selected to represent top brands like Madico, Odyssey Battery, Toys Tires, etc. We have the honor of saying that our vehicles have been selected year after year for this prestigious event. Below are the builds that have made it to the SEMA Show. Check out our SEMA Show partner here.

Alejandra - 2018 Direct Lift
Booth Vehicle 
Gabriela - 2018 Go Jack Booth Vehicle
Carlos - 2018 Colorbond Booth Vehicle
Walter - 2018 Voodoo Ride Feature Vehicle
Ivan - 2018 Rotary Lift Feature Vehicle
Teddy - 2018 Chief Automotive Feature Vehicle
Brian - Direct Lift Feature Vehicle
David - Chief Automotive Feature Vehicle
Tyler - Direct Lift Feature Vehicle
Brian - 2017 Street Legal Booth
Lillie - Colorbond Feature Vehicle
Teddy - 2017 Madico Films Booth
Water - 2016 MGP Calipers Feature
Carlos - 2016 Colorbond Booth
Teddy - 2016 Direct Lift Booth
Carlos - 2014
Ivan - 2016 Race Chip Booth
Elizabeth - 2013

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